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Security Guard training in Roodepoort: – Our security training academy in Roodeport has various courses which trains the learners to become highly skilled security guards at their places of work in provinces such as Limpopo, kwazulu natal, Mpumalanga Eastern Cape among others. The courses trained include the following; PSIRA and SASSETA grades, Firearms response security training, Occupational health and safety training, National key point training, Cash in transit, Firearms competency training, CCTV and control room training  and Security general practice training among others

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    PSIRA Grades Training in Krugersdorp | PSIRA Grades Training in Brakpan

    PSIRA Grades Training in Roodepoort | PSIRA Grades Training in Vanderbijlpark

    PSIRA Grade E – A Courses where grade A is regarded asthe highest and grade E as the lowest for the starters as seen below;

    PSIRA Grade E, in this course the learner’s aquires the skills to become a Patrol Officers and it introduces them to the security industry.

    PSIRA Grade D, in this course the learner gets the knowledge to become an access control security guard.

    • PSIRA Grade C – under this course we train the learners to aquire skills and knowledge to become a protection Of Information security officer.
    • PSIRA Grade B – in this course the learner is able to acquire knowledge and skills of supervision.
    • PSIRA Grade A – this course being the highest the learner aquires the skills to become the manager and control security guard.

    The people interested in being security guards MUST undergo the training in South Africa to enable them perform any security related functions in South Africa. And the learner must begin training from the minimum grade which is grade E through the grading process to the required grade, grade A being the highest achievable grade.

    Security Guard training in Richards Bay | Security Guard training in Vanderbijlpark

    Firearms Response Security Training in Roodepoort | Firearms Response Security Training in Vanderbijlpark

    Firearms Response Security Training in Roodepoort: – we offer Fire arms Training in our school in Roodepoort, weapons training is about more of making the learners more skilled in fire arms. We prioritize the safe use of firearms while teaching decision making and functional mechanics. Together, these skills build tactical judgement and critical knowledge to enable the highest levels of safety of gun users.

    We provide consultation services and firearms training to our learners. Selection of courses is also offered to qualified citizens in South Africa who wish to learn firearm tactics, safety, self-defense and marksmanship.

    Each Firearms and Tactics Training course emphasizes constructive practice, safety and how to evaluate and track your skill level as you progress.

    Firearms Training Capabilities

    At Our security training school we offer a full range of training programs at our facilities across the republic of South Africa via our mobile training program. Therefore our capabilities include developing customized training curriculum to cover your unique needs.

    • Firearms and Tactics training programs include:
    • Handgun Training
    • Shotgun Training
    • Carbine Training
    • Law Enforcement Training​
    • Armorer Training
    • Law Enforcement Training​
    • Precision Rifle Training​
    • Street Officer Survival Training
    • Active Threat Response Training
    • Sniper Training
    • Law Enforcement Training​

    Security Guard training in Uitenhage | Security Guard training in Roodepoort

    Occupational Health and Safety Training in Roodepoort | Occupational Health and Safety Training in Vanderbijlpark

    How the Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management is taught.

    The learner should undertake risk assessments through virtual case studies, as well as engaging with online seminars, classes and workshops. The learner will explore the training which is given by training professional instructors and apply it in seminars through discussions, team work and problem-solving exercises based on real-life scenarios.

    Case study discussions with professionals at our training security school in South Africa will further consolidate the learners understanding. In workshops the learner will learn about equipment, including noise monitoring equipment, occupational hygiene and to understand how to carry out inspections, assessments and audits.

    The learner will also do his or her own independent study and make use of online learning resources, including Health and Safety Executive campaign sites and professional databases.


    This programme uses a wide variety of assessment including creating essays, leaflets, personal reflection management reports in line with industry expectations and the independent project. The learner will therefore have one exam.

    Security Guard training in Carletonville | Security Guard training in Klerksdorp

    National Key Point Training in Roodepoort | National Key Point Training in Vanderbijlpark

    National Key Point Training in Roodepoort: – National key point training was made to provide the learners with the skills and knowledge to protect NKP in terms of the National Key Points Act, 1980 (Act No. 102 of 1980) which is an act of the Parliament of South Africa.

    Our security training in Roodeport trains guards with various skills to be able to guard the most sensitive areas of South Africa such as the electrical dams, national parliament, chemical plants, the museum, the tourist attractions, airports, nuclear plants among others.

    Provinces such as Limpopo, kwazulu natal, Mpumalanga, and Eastern Cape among others need trained security guards to complete the PSIRA/SASSETA licensing process during the first few months of employment. The learners who are taking the course of  National Key point training usually have to pass written tests that cover topics such as crime prevention, emergency procedures and evidence handling. Practical skills tests are often required, especially to verify a security guard’s ability to safely use weapons.

    Cash in Transit in Roodepoort | Cash in Transit in Vanderbijlpark

    Cash in Transit in Roodepoort: – At our security training school in South Africa, we train the learner’s cash in transit course which enables them to get the knowledge and skills of securing clients cash while it’s being transported from one place to another. We train qualified security guards who are trustworthy and willing to transport and secure cash in transit at any cost and risks. Cash in Transit services are being provided by our trained security guards who use up to date using armored vehicles equipped with electronic protection systems and multiple mechanical.

    Our trained security guards provide cash in transit services within the entire republic of South Africa. We provides 24 hour remote control and monitoring over a long period of time and we ensure the highest possible level of safety at the time of delivery of clients.

    Our security training school is the very first and only security company in the republic of South Africa which has a Cash Center providing the complete service of handling cash. Our customers are well aware of the rationale and cost-effectiveness behind risk transfer that is accompanied by transporting and cash processing.

    Firearms Competency Training in Roodepoort | Firearms Competency Training in Vanderbijlpark

    Firearms Competency Training in Roodepoort: – Firearms competency training enables learners to maintain compliance and acquire employment opportunities within the working environment in South Africa

    Course Content include;

    Marksmanship principles, Personnel equipment, Rifle familiarization, including assembly & stripping, safe handling, immediate action drills, shooting from various positions, accurate target engagement, Target acquisition

    Topics within firearms competency training

    Safe handling of weapons, Fundamentals and shooting, Characteristics and maintenance of the handgun, Handgun shooting positions, Recoil management, Reloads (administrative, speed & tactical), Multiple shots, Multiple targets, Shooting on the move, Tactical use of cover.

    Before a learner possess a firearm, he or she must obtain a firearm license from the South African Police Service because he or she needs a license for every firearm that he/she possess.

     Successful undergoing of the prescribed training at an accredited training institution and obtaining of a competency certificate is a must for Potential firearm owners.

    Application for a further competency certificate

    • You must complete a form ( form of a application for further competency certificate)
    • Submition of  the applied form and with the following supporting documentation to the designated firearms officer (DFO) at the police station in the area where you ordinarily reside:
      • copy of your official identification document or passport which is certified
      • Copy of your permanent residence permit in case of a non- South African citizen which is certified.
      • copy of your firearm proficiency training certificate issued by an accredited training provider
      • Copy of previous competency certificate which is Certified
      • Certified Two passport-size color photographs (with a neutral background) that are not older than three months
      • proof of residence
      • Any other supporting documents.

    CCTV and Control Room Training in Roodepoort | CCTV and Control Room Training in Vanderbijlpark


    CCTV and Control Room Training in Roodepoort: – The skills learners get from our security training school will give them a high level of expertise to perform as an accomplished control room manager. The learners will be able to operate and improve the performance of their control room, equipment and staff. They will also gain the ability to implement new control room procedures or update and improve existing operations and practices.

    CCTV and control room training is a highly participative and interactive course. It is delivered by recognized training providers which can lead to a challenging and rewarding career as a CCTV operator.

    Course objectives are;

    • Introducing the learners to their responsibilities & roles within the CCTV Control Room Environment.
    • Developing the Learners understanding on the importance of the guidelines & Operational Procedures.
    • making the Learners familiar with CCTV equipment and its operation.
    • To make the learners familiar with the appropriate legislation that has an impact upon their operational activities.
    • Developing the learners understanding of incidents.
    • Developing the learners understanding of dealing with incidents.

    The CCTV security guard & Control Room Management also covers;

    •          CCTV equipment and its operation.

    •          Body Language skills.

    •          Call handling techniques & standard, difficult callers and active listening.

    •          Hostility recognizance

    •          Audit trails and vital documentation.

    General Security Practice Training in Roodepoort | General Security Practice Training in Vanderbijlpark

    Learners who want to study the General security practice Course are required to include a detailed curriculum vitae and must be between the ages of 21 and above.

    Learners should also provide contactable references, along with any information they feel may be applicable to their application. Certified copies of all relevant certificates, ID Documents and proof of address can also be Included.

    Learners who apply will be checked for; Criminal record, any references with previous employers, any falsification of documentation

    Only learners who make the shortlist will be contacted but falsification of any kind will not be taken lightly.

    Learners are not assured a permanent position after completion of their learner ship, however, we may offer permanent positions if we have an opening.

    One should meet the requirements below;

    • Unemployed,
    • Aged between 21 and 35,
    • Grade 12 qualification / Equivalent
    • PSIRA Grade C
    • Applicants must be a South African citizen
    • Candidates must hold a valid South African ID document
    • You must be proficient in English and one other language
    • All candidates must not hold any criminal record
    • Candidates must have exceptional communication skills -Verbal & Written

    Security Guard training in Roodepoort |Security Guard training in Krugersdorp

    Security Guard training in Brakpan | Security Guard training in Richards Bay

    Security Guard training in Vanderbijlpark | Security Guard training in Uitenhage

    Security Guard training in Roodepoort | Security Guard training in Carletonville

    Security Guard training in Klerksdorp

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