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Security Guard Training in Pretoria

Security Guard Training in Soshanguve | Security Guard Training in centurion | Security Guard Training in Tembisa

Security Guard Training in Pretoria – Once you enroll to our security Guard Training school our  professional instructors will you or your  learners with the various skills regarding security such as handling peoples issues in case of a robbery, murder, theft among others.

Our security Guard Training academy in South Africa is the best and it’s located in Roodepoort and it trains learners to become better security guards and acquire security jobs in various provinces such as Limpopo, kwazulu natal, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, among others and we are accredited and licensed with PSIRA and SASSETA.

Our learning programs are flexible with distance/ self-study and face to face. We offer refresher programs to all learners in companies and individuals.  

Ours Security Guards training has many courses which the learner has to pass in order to become a professional security guard and the courses are named below;

PSIRA and SASSETA grades, National key point training, Cash in transit, Firearms competency training, CCTV and control room training, Firearms response security training, Security general practice training, Occupational health and safety training

The following are the courses in details on how they are taught at our security school in South Africa, Roodepoort.

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     PSIRA and SASSETA grades

    The PSIRA and SASSETA grades range from grade E to grade A as seen below;

    PSIRA and SASSETA Grade E

    Grade E course introduces learners to the Security Industry and provides knowledge Security to the security guards. The learner would acquire the skills to:

    • Use security equipment such as guns etc.
    • Conduct a security patrol in area where there are issues
    • Handle problems and complaints
    •  Take over responsibilities and perform hand over

    PSIRA and SASSETA Grade D

    Grade D course aims at providing knowledge on how to conduct access control at the egress point and the learner would acquire the skills to:

    • Egress control and conduct access
    • Emergency drills and Conduct evacuations
    • Handle, identify, and defuse security related conflict

    PSIRA and SASSETA Grade C

    Grade C course aims at providing knowledge on how to manage the protection of assets and handle emergency issues and situations. The security guard would acquire the skills to:

    • context needs in oral/signed communication and accommodate audience
    • Explain the requirements for becoming a security guard service provider
    • Conduct security at an event
    •  Take statements and write security reports

    PSIRA and SASSETA Grade B

    Grade B course advances Security guards to a supervisory level. A security guard would acquire the skills to:

    • Team performance and Supervise work unit
    • General give instructions
    • To carry out a security threat assessment in a defined operational area

    PSIRA and SASSETA Grade A

    Grade A course aims at providing knowledge to gather evidence during accidents and incidents and to manage a site. Here a security guard would acquire the skills to:

    • Demonstrate understanding of crime prevention
    • Conduct preliminary investigations
    • Institute disciplinary action

    National key point training in Pretoria

     National key points are the places in South Africa that are heavily guarded and they include; electric dams, chemical plants, national parliament, national airport among others.

     There are various topics covered under national key point which include; firearm use, investigating basic, security techniques, patrolling tactics, report writing and emergency procedures. We train learners to specialize in particular types of security management such as private armored car, airport or armed escort and may need to do additional courses to learn the skills necessary for these security professions.

    We provide training to security guards with skills to guard the most sensitive places in most provinces in South Africa such as Limpopo, kwazulu Natal etc.

    The security training at our security school was made to provide learners with the skills and knowledge to protect NKP in terms of the National Key Points Act, 1980 (Act No. 102 of 1980) which is an act of the Parliament of South Africa that provides for the  protection of sites of national strategic importance against sabotage and declaration . The act was designed to enable the government to compel private owners, as well as state-own.

    Cash in transit Training in Pretoria

    What cash in transit means in South Africa?

    Cash in Transit is money in Transit, bank notes, currency notes, cheques, current postage stamps, postal orders, revenue stamps, money orders and air time cards. Our trained security guards protect against risks associated with transporting cash from one location to another.

     The trained security guards who do Cash in Transit protect the insured from:

    • Loss of money arising out any cause
    • Loss or damage to a safe/strong room where money is kept
    • Any case in which money is being carried
    • The property of the insured or for which the insured is legally responsible caused by attempted theft

    Or theft.

     Our Security takes extra measures and caution in addition to the security  industry practice to ensure there is enough security offered by our trained security guards  to the clients’ valuables ensuring customers experience reduced risk and improved safety for their customers and staff, convenient collection and delivery of cash and valuables thus saving them time and money.

    Firearms competency training in Pretoria

    What is required for firearm competency in South Africa?

    -The learner at our security school requires a certified copy of your firearm training certificate issued by PSIRA and SASSETA.

    -Two passport photographs that are not older than three months.

    – Certified proof of residence

    -finger prints

    -criminal background information

    -education qualification


    The following are the course topics of fire arms competency;

    •          Safe handling of weapons.

    •          Fundamentals and shooting

    •          Handgun shooting positions.

    •          Recoil management

    •          Multiple shots

    •          Multiple targets

    •          Shooting on the move

    The weapons used in fire arms competency include;

    •          Handgun: FORT-12P – 9×18, PM – 9×18

    •          Carbine: M4A1 – 5.56×45, AK-47 – 7.62×39

    •          Shotgun: Hasten ESCORT

    CCTV and control room training in Pretoria

    At our security training school we train the learners how to operate the CCTV cameras.

    CCTV Operators are mainly responsible for maintaining surveillance equipment and, watching both live and recorded video surveillance footage, reporting incidents or suspicious behavior and contacting the authorities when it’s necessary.

    Below are the requirements needed to be able to enroll;

    -Previous experience in a security position may be useful but is not necessary.

    -A Public Space Surveillance and PSIRA and SASSETA license from our Security Industry Authority in South Africa is required.

    -The learner must be at least 18 years and above

    What will you learn this course?

    • Health and safety in the control room
    • Communicating your requirements to staff
    •  Defining the objectives and agreeing on them
    • Cost of ownership and maintenance contracts
    • Codes, law of practice and standards
    • Developing a CCTV System                            
    • Storage, digital recording, and evidential criteria
    • Understanding CCTV equipment
    •  Installation companies and selecting equipment
    • Screening and selection of staff
    • Human rights and data protection
    • Data Management
    • Operation of CCTV equipment
    • Evidence criteria

    Firearms response security training in Pretoria

    Our security training school offers the learners with;

    1. The latest Armed Response Gear that meets GPS’ strict standards.

    2. Pro body armors when responding to any incident.

    3. Strict Tactical Response training preparing them for any emergencies.

    4. Basic Paramedic, Fire Fighting & Basic First Aid training.

    5. The opportunity to take part in Fitness training sessions hosted weekly by our professional  Trainers, this training gives the basics of Close Combat Techniques, Knife fighting, Stick Baton fighting techniques and the use of pepper spray during a physical confrontation. 

    The aim of this training is to ensure that our trained security guards are in the best possible condition to defuse a situation without sustaining major injuries in the line of duty.

    Overview of this course

    -How to maintain, store and use ammunition and firearms and maintain security of environment in accordance with the organizational requirements.

    -Manage conflict through negotiation and ability to analyses risk factors and intentions of persons to determine response to a security risk situation.

    -Determine when to use a firearm to respond to a life threatening situation


    – Characteristics, objectives, and identifying crowded places security issues.

    -Ability to clear directions and provide warnings to a subject using communication

    -maintaining consistent accuracy when discharging firearm and reacting in a timely manner in the application and evaluating and selecting response options within specified legal and strategic limits.

    General Security Practice Training in Pretoria

    At our security training school this course is an entry-level qualification and recognizes the key competencies required of the trained security guards who are able to work in a variety of security contexts. This qualification will be for the learners who want to enter our security training school and develop competencies in standard security practices such as access and egress control, asset protection and security response.

    The trained security guard will operate mainly in the security sector, within a range of contexts, including urban, rural, corporate, gatherings, mass, businesses and homes. It will provide the learner with the competencies needed to undertake the related processes and practices at an entry level. The security guard will be able to practice the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to operate in a professional manner. This will also enhance their career opportunities within our security training school therefore the trained security guard will be able to;        

    -Interact with customers and people

    -Operate security equipment.

    -Conduct security duties within the ambit of the law.

    Occupational health and safety training in Pretoria

    How the learner will be able to Study occupational Health and Safety Training?

     At our security training school we offer the course in the Classroom, self-study Distance Learning or online classes. The candidates may attend the classes on our premises or online using our Online Learning Platform to which they will have the access to.

    In the learning platform you will have access to groups where you may ask question or interact with other learners.

    About the Course

    If you have the intention of acting as a health and safety representative in your working environment, enroll for our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Course with our security training school. When your studying your course you will be able learn how to identify danger and health hazards, how to improve health and safety, give advice to your employer, conduct inspections and also act as the legally compliant Occupational health and safety representative of your workplace.

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