Security Guard training in Polokwane | Security Guard training in Louis Trichardt| Security Guard training in Mokopane |Security Guard training in Bele-Bela |Security Guard training in Musina| Security Guard training in Beitbridge| Security Guard training in Limpopo

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Security Guard training in Polokwane | Security Guard training in Louis Trichardt| Security Guard training in Mokopane |Security Guard training in Bele-Bela |Security Guard training in Musina| Security Guard training in Beitbridge | Security Guard training in Limpopo

If you’re looking for better security training courses, you’re in the right place. With us, you will get knowledge and skills on how to handle peoples complaints, issues and problems in case of theft, murder, robbery among others because we have the best and qualified trainers to take you through different security courses.

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    Below are our security courses:

    • Cash in transit
    • National key points
    • Occupational health and safety
    • CCTV and Control Room Management
    • Firearms competency
    • PSIRA Grades
    • SASSETA training

     National key point training in Polokwane

    National key point places previously required special access to access them and these included chemical plants, parliament, electric dams, museums, national parks among others.

    The national key point act 1980(act no. 102) which is a parliamentary act of South Africa was designed to protect national strategic places against declaration and sabotage which was also designed to enable the government compel state owners and private owners.

    This course unit has various topics which include patrolling tactics, security techniques, firearm use, emergency procedures, investigating basic and report writing.

     Cash in transit training in Polokwane

    Cash in transit training involves transferring of valuable assets and cash from one place to another secured place using armored and non-armored vehicles. Learners will attain skills like Cash loading and unloading, Site risk assessment, Emergency response procedures, Escort and guard role responsibilities and among others.

    This course is for personnel who intend to join the cash in transit industry and aim to gain valuable knowledge and skills.

    Our trained security guards taking up this course will be protecting insured personnels from Loss or damage to a safe room where money is kept, Loss of money arising out from any cause, the property of the insured or for which the insured is legally responsible caused by attempted theft

    Or theft and any case in which money is being carried.

     Firearms competency training in Polokwane

    Every firearm owner must have a license for every firearm and must be accredited to any of the firearm institutions.

    Basic Handgun

    This course involves situations where one may be able or not able to defend him/herself, load or unload shooting fundamental and firearm safety. This course also involves the use of handguns.

    Apply Tactical Knowledge

    This course is applicable to rifles, shotguns and handguns. Learners attending this course will learn about working as members of Tactical teams, shooting while moving, rescue missions, correct procedures for clearing difficult areas such as stairwells terrorist attacks and dynamic room entries etc.

    Intermediate Manually Operated Rifle/Carbine

    This course involves the use of rifles or carbines and it’s a requirement for professional hunters, field guides, members of official institutions and game rangers.

    Intermediate Self-Loading Rifle/Carbine

    This course focuses more on sling work, dealing with malfunctions, firearm transition drills and shooting against time limits. This is also among the requirements to members of official institutions and security guards.

    Tactical Handgun

    During the course of tactical handgun training, Learners will learn how to use firearms in high risk situations and in extreme stress conditions. Learners attending this course are expected to be in a good physical condition.

     CCTV and control room training in Polokwane

    CCTV Operators are responsible for reporting incidents like suspicious behaviors, maintaining surveillance equipments, watching both live and recorded video surveillance footage, and contacting the authorities when it’s necessary.

    Course outcomes

    Learners will be able to learn about Health and safety in control rooms, Human rights and data protection, Installation of CCTVs in companies, Data Management, Operation of CCTV equipments, Evidential criteria, Developing CCTV Systems, Understanding CCTV equipments, Screening and selecting of staff among others,

     Control Room Supervisory Skills

    This course is recognized internationally where learners will learn about codes of practice, planning, communications, motivating their teams among others. The leadership qualities and abilities of professional supervisor include the ability to solve wide range of day-to-day challenges, knowledge of civil and criminal legislation and so on.

    Course outcomes

    Learners will learn about Risk Assessments, Functions and qualities of supervisors, Team Characteristics, Essential Legislation, Team Management, Motivating teams, Group dynamics, protecting the integrity of organizations, Health and Safety, Audit trails, and Resolving staff issues and conflicts.

    General Security practice training  in Polokwane

    Security general practice recognizes key competencies required by trained security personnel that are able to work in several security industries and it’s an entry level qualification for learners who want to enter the security industry to develop competencies in standard security practices such as entrance points, security responses and asset protection.

    Our trained security personnels operate mainly in various ranges of security sectors including rural, urban, gatherings, corporates, mass, homes and businesses. Security personnels will be able to attain skills, attitudes and knowledge needed to operate in a professional manner.

    This course will enhance security personnel’s career opportunities within the security industry to be able to operate security equipments, Interact with customers and people and also conduct security duties among others.

    Occupational health and safety training in Polokwane

    Occupational health and safety course is concerned with the safety and security of both employers and workers with their working conditions to prevent injuries and illness in their working places. This course is also an ideal for personnels who wish to become work cover acceptable trainers, human resource practitioners, safety officers and assessors.


    This course is not that good worldwide because many of the workers at workplaces continue to get involved in contract occupational diseases and several accidents that expose them to infections affecting occupational health and safety.

    This course also equips learners with wide range of skills and knowledge that enhances the occupational health and safety in global.

    Learning Outcomes:

    Learners will master and understand concepts and theories that are used in occupational health and safety. They will also be able to explain and detail out concepts of organizational behaviors Professional skills of hazard assessment and incident reporting, individual and organizational level factors that influence organizational behavior, report writing that will be acquired and advocacy skills that will be imparted.

    PSIRA GRADES training in in Polokwane | SASSETA Training in Polokwane


    SASSETA Grade E

    This course enables learners to know what’s expected from them in regard to upholding Law as Security guards. It also introduces security guards in the private security industry and it’s completed within 5 days. Learners will acquire skills of conducting security patrols, Handling complaints and problems, taking over responsibilities and using security equipments.


    This course provides learners with skills and knowledge on how to conduct access control at entrance points. Therefore the learner will acquire skills of handling, identifying, and defusing security related conflicts, conducting evacuations and emergency drills among others.

    PSIRA / SASSETA Grade C in Polokwane

    This course enhances learners with knowledge of handling emergency situations and issues, managing and protecting of assets. Learners will acquire skills of conducting security at events, taking statements, writing security reports, explaining requirements for becoming a security guard service provider and explaining contexts needed in oral or signed communication in an audience.

    PSIRA/SASSETA Grade B in Polokwane

    This course is completed in 5 days and it introduces learners to an advanced supervisory level. Therefore learners attending this course will acquire skills of   Team performance, Supervising work units, carrying out security threat assessments in defined operational areas and giving instructions.

    PSIRA/ SASSETA Grade A in Polokwane

    This course equips learners with knowledge on how to manage and gather evidence during incidents and accidents on sites. In this course learners will acquire skills of conducting preliminary investigations, Demonstrating and understanding of crime preventions, Instituting disciplinary actions among others.

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