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Security Guard Training in Kimberley | Security Guard Training in Upington

Security Guard Training in Kimberley :- Our security training academy offers various courses in which the learners do to acquire security skills to work in various places in South Africa which include Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Limpopo, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, kwazulu natal among others.

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    PSIRA & SASSETA grades

    PSIRA E-Grade SASSETA E – Patrol Security Officer

    Course Content

    • Use of Fire Extinguishers
    • Radio / Telephone communication
    • Basic Legal Aspects

    In grade E course the Patrol Security Officer would acquire the skills:

    •  To carry out basic first aid treatment in the working environment.
    • To explain the requirements for becoming a security service provider
    PSIRA D Equivalent Grade SASSETA D – Access Control Officer

    Course Content of grade D

    • Use of Pocket Books
    • Access Control
    • Search Procedures

    An access control officer would acquire the skills to:

    • Operate a computer workstation in a business environment
    • Write/present/sign texts for a range of communicative contexts
    PSIRA C Grade – Equivalent Grade SASSETA C: Asset and Reaction Officer

    Course Content

    • Emergency Procedures
    • Bomb Threats
    • Occupational Safety

    An asset and reaction officer would acquire the skills to:

    • Conduct security at an event
    • Describing  how to manage reactions that arise from a traumatic events
    PSIRA B equivalent Grade SASSETA B -: Security First Line Supervisor


    • General give instructions
    • Security-related conflict and threat management
    PSIRA A-Grade SASSETA A – Security Supervisor

    Course Location

    This course is also located in Roodeport South Africa.

    Here a security supervisor would acquire the skills to:

    • Demonstrate understanding of crime prevention
    • Conduct preliminary investigations

    National key point training in Kimberley

    In South Africa National key points are by definition buildings such as the national parliament and museum, the national airports, electrical dams, chemical plants, tourism places and strategic installations such as the Union Buildings and provincial legislatures that are considered worthy of maximum security so as to prevent  damage or sabotage taking place in these areas.  In some provinces, some national key points are easy to secure than others.

    In addition to that, this training designed at our security training school to provide the trained security guards with the skills and knowledge to protect National Key Points in terms of the National Key Points Act, 1980 (Act No. 102 of 1980).

    This is an act of the Parliament in South Africa that provides for the protection and declaration of national key points named above against sabotage. This act was designed to also provide protection primarily to privately owned strategic sites. It also enables the government to compel private owners, as well as state-owners.

    General security practices in Kimberley

    General security practices provides a wide introduction and understanding about HIV/AIDS in the environment which helps the learners to be informed, aware and caring in the working area. After completing the training of general security practices, the learners focus is to acquire attitudes, skills, values and knowledge in relation with a view of creating a caring environment in the workplace and the community in South Africa.

    At the completion of this course the trained students will have knowledge in different aspects including;

    Explaining the implications of the HIV/AIDS pandemic for the economy, community, a specific workplace and an organization

    Learners will be able to explain HIV/AIDS.

    Interpreting trends on HIV/AIDS and data in order to explain the impact on a community, a business sector and an organization will be easy for the learners

    To investigate the assistance that is available to support workers affected by HIV/AIDS and guidelines

    To describe what behavior carries the risk of HIV/AIDS transmission and what behavior is safe

    Employment opportunities after completing general security practices.

    With this qualification, learners will be able to acquire the knowledge to:

     Safeguard premises, assets, information and personnel.

     Interact with customers and people.

     Operate security equipment.

    General security practice is a year course on a part-time basis, it may take 9 months and will have 5 contact sessions over 4 times

    Occupational health and safety training in Kimberley

    At our training school in Roodepoort, occupational health and safety training has a strong emphasis on practical skills, and learners are more likely to have the opportunity to work on projects in collaboration with professionals. The security training academy’s strong links within the industry and professional bodies mean that occupational health and safety training is highly regarded and well respected internationally

    Modulesdules – changes for students in 2020

    • Environmental Assessment and Management.
    • Factors Affecting Risk and Strategic Risk Intervention.
    • Health and Safety within High Risk Industries.
    • Occupational Health and Hygiene.
    • Leadership of Occupational Safety and Health Improvement and Philosophy.
    • Management of Workplace Safety.
    • Research Project and Methods.

    Modules – typical course content

    Other information about occupational health and safety practice.

    Where optional modules are available, a learner will be asked to make his or her choice during the previous academic year. If we have very little numbers of learners interested in an optional module, or there are staffing changes which affect the training, it may not be offered. If an optional module will not run, we will advise him or her after the module selection period when numbers are confirmed, or at the earliest time that the programme team make the decision not to run the module, and help the learner to choose an alternative module.

    CCTV and control room training in Kimberley

    this is one of the most trending courses at our security training school since the learners get a wide experience and skills in   prevention or detection, of crime in public safety, traffic management, controlling disorder and stopping antisocial behavior and also CCTV cameras play an important part in the environment through guiding the learners in this qualification.

    CCTV and control room training is appropriate for new entrants to the security industry, people transferring from other security roles, as well as anyone whose job includes some elements of CCTV.

    Learners will learner the Health and safety in the control room, communicating their requirements to staff and management, Agreeing and defining the objectives, Cost of ownership and maintenance contracts, Codes of practice and standards,  Working in partnership for funding, Developing a CCTV System ,Digital recording, storage and evidential criteria, Selecting equipment and installation companies, Understanding CCTV equipment and applications, Selection and screening of staff, human rights and data protection, Data Management, Operation of CCTV equipment and  Evidential criteria among others.

    Control Room Operations Courses

    Some of the regularly scheduled Control Room training courses.

    Working in the private or public sector as a security guard, door supervisor, control room operator or manager, a town center CCTV Manager, Community Safety Officer or perhaps a member of a security team in a retail, commercial or industrial environment.

    The Operational Requirement, defusing conflict, gathering and preserving evidence and ensuring that the technology you use is fit for purpose.

    Firearms competency training in Kimberley

    At our security training school in Roodeport South Africa, we offer firearms competency training course to learners to enable them get skills of targeting, shooting basically to know how to handle and use security firearms. Below are the reason as to why learners should get defensive firearms competency training in Roodeport South Africa.

    •          This is because it’s a legal requirement in South Africa.

    •          This is because you can never train for a violent armed encounter.

    •          This is because you want to survive a violent armed encounter.

    •          This is because your friends & loved ones want you to survive a violent armed encounter.

    •          This is because a gun isn’t a magic talisman of self-protection and confers no special abilities of marksmanship onto its owner.

    •          This this because knowing how to defend your life or the lives of your loved ones isn’t a skill we’re born with, but you might need if you own a defensive firearm.

    •          This is because if you’re facing the threat of armed physical violence, that new gadget or super-cool new gun isn’t going to be as important to you as knowing how to stop the threat with your firearm.

    At the end of this course, the learners will have gained the various skills on handling security weapons such as guns among others and will also be able to operate in the job field.

    Firearms response Training in Kimberley

    Under this training the learner will be offered an advanced tactical training course. This course is aimed at training security guards and teach the principles of peace and safety. The trained security guards at our security training academy are kept up to date with criminal tactics and are taught to counter these;

    • Door breaching
    • Climbing techniques
    • Advanced driving skills
    • Client liaison

    At our security training school the most important tools in surviving a serious attack on our security guards lives are awareness and prevention skills. The importances of hiring our trained security services are collective expertise in tactical weapons training, our firearms instructors are licensed by PSIRA and SASSETA and hold high competency in most aspects of tactical firearms training, our security training school has been delivering weapons training for quit along period of time. Our firearms instruction is an affordable solution and it ensures that the learners are well-trained in carrying firearms.

    Security Guard Training in De Aar |Security Guard Training in Kuruman,

    Security Guard Training in Postmasburg |Security Guard Training in Mankweng

    Security Guard Training in Northern Cape |Security Guard Training in Kimberley

     Security Guard Training in Upington

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