Security Guard Training in Durban | Security Guard Training in Pietermaritzburg, Security Guard Training in Newcastle, Security Guard Training in KwaZulu-Natal

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Security Guard Training in Durban | Security Guard Training in Pietermaritzburg, Security Guard Training in Newcastle, Security Guard Training in KwaZulu-Natal

Security Guard Training in Durban: – Our training school in South Africa Rood port trains a number of security courses to the learners and the citizens of South Africa.

It operates its training services in different states and provinces such as Pretoria, Johannesburg, Limpopo, kwazulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape etc.

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    Security training courses include;

    • PSIRA and SASSETA grades
    • National key point training
    • Cash in transit
    • Firearms competency training
    • CCTV and control room training
    • Firearms response security training
    • Security general practice training
    • Occupational health and safety training
    • Etc.

    PSIRA and SASSETA grades

    PSIRA Grade E to A and extra Courses

    Grade E (Patrol Officer)

    Grade D (Access Control)

    Grade C (Protection Of Information Officer)

    Grade B (Supervision)

    Grade A (Management)

    PSIRA E-Grade SASSETA E – Patrol Security Officer

    Course Description

    The learners are introduced to the Private Security Industry and provides knowledge of what is expected to uphold the Law as Security Officers through this course.

    Course Content

    • Personal Hygiene
    • Occupational Safety
    • Public Relations
    • Role & Function of Security
    • Explosive devices & Firearms
    • Discipline
    • Basic Self Defense
    • Use of Fire Extinguishers
    • Radio / Telephone communication
    • Basic Legal Aspects
    • Industrial Relations

    PSIRA D-Grade SASSETA D – Access Control Officer

    Course Description

    This course aims to provide knowledge on how to conduct access control at the egress point.

    Course Content

    • Basic Fire Fighting
    • Radio Communication
    • Occupational Safety
    • Public Relations
    • Use of Pocket Books
    • Access Control
    • Search Procedures
    • Legal Aspects
    • Self defense

    PSIRA C-Grade SASSETA C – Asset and Reaction Officer

    Course Description

    This course aims to provide knowledge on how to manage the protection of assets and handle emergency situations.

    PSIRA B-Grade (SASSETA B – Security First Line Supervisor Written Reports

     Course Description

    This course advances Security Officers to a supervisory level.

    Course Content

    • Physical Security / Technology
    • Planned Inspection
    • Role in Emergency
    • Taking Statements
    • Communicating Instructions
    • On the job Training
    • Supervision
    • How to Conduct Parades

    PSIRA A-Grade SASSETA A – Security Supervisor

    Course Description

    This course aims to provide knowledge to manage a site and gather evidence during accidents and incidents.

    Course Content

    • Principles of Investigation
    • Dealing with the scene of an incident
    • Questioning Witnesses
    • Giving Evidence
    • Court Procedures
    • Human behavior
    • Report Writing
    • Security Registers

    National key point training Security Guard Training in Durban

    National key point training provides the learners with knowledge and the skills to guard NKP in terms of the National Key Points Act, 1980 (Act No. 102 of 1980) which is an act of the Parliament of South Africa that provides for protection and  declaration of sites of national strategic importance against harm and sabotage. The act was designed to arrange protection primarily for privately owned strategic sites.

    The training courses required to be employed as a security guard.

    This requires security guard applicants and security guards to complete the following training courses:

    Pre-Assignment Training Course for Security Guards

    This is a course required by the republic of South Africa as the first step in obtaining a security guard registration card. The course provides the student with a general overview of responsibilities and the duties of a security guard. Topics covered include;

    The role of the security guard

    Legal powers and limitations

    Emergency situations

    Communications and public relations

    Access control, ethics and conduct.

    12 Hour on-the- Job Training Course for Security Guards

    This is a 12hour course that is completed within 90 days of employment as a security guard. It provides the learner with enough information on the duties and responsibilities a security guard. The passing of an examination is required for successful completion of this course.

    4 Hour Annual In-Service Training Course for Security Guards

    This is a 4 hour course that must be completed within 12 calendar months from completion of the 12Hour On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards, and yearly thereafter. The course is structured to provide the student with updated and enhanced information on the duties and responsibilities of a security guard. Topics include;

     The role of the security guard,

     Legal powers and limitations,

     Emergency situations,

    Communications and public relations,

    Access control, ethics and conduct.

    Cash in transit Security Guard Training in Durban

    Cash-in-transit (CITis the physical transfer of banknotes, coins, credit cards and items of value from one location to another. Cash in transit is increasingly becoming the major revenue earner for the security industry. Cash in transit popularly referred to as C.I.T is basically the conveyance of cash securely from one point to another.

    certification held by those with experience and expertise in developing, designing, and delivering safety, health, and environmental training is CIT certificate.

    Full course list

    The training package for cash transit students under the Security training is as shown below.

    CCTV and control room training in Durban

    Firearms response security training in Durban

    Security general practice training in Durban

    The learners entering security general practice training will be empowered by a number of employment opportunities after this qualification. As it provides the elementary competencies needed in the security sector such as access and egress control, conducting patrols and observation techniques. This qualification is the first in a learning pathway for the security sector. After completion of this qualification, learners will be able to enter various security disciplines such as electronic security or close protection security.

    Once learners have completed this qualification, they will be able to access higher qualifications within the learning pathway, and will be able to choose from specialized fields such as assets in transit operations, dog handling, and firearm specializations among others.
    This qualification has been made for people working in the security environment at operational levels who endeavor to perform more than elementary security functions. Learners will be able to specialize in certain security aspects or have an option to move into supervisory avenues within this industry. This qualification will mean that in future those people involved in the security environment will have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to operate professionally. It will also open up further career paths for people within the security industry and advance career opportunities. Their ability to develop and manage policies and procedures will be enhanced.
    The qualified and certified learners will be able:
    To provide security services to clients.
    To explain and apply current legislative requirements to own area of responsibility.
    To contribute to a safe and secure environment.
    To communicate with internal and external clients.

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