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Security Guard Training In Cape Town

Some of the courses taught at our security training school include; PSIRA and SASSETA grades, National key point training, cash in transit, firearms competency training, CCTV and control room training, firearms response security training, security general practice training, occupational health and safety training among others below are the courses in details;

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    PSIRA AND SASSETA GRADES Training in Cape Town

    Below the grades in details,

    PSIRA Grade E Training in Cape Town

    The purpose of grade E training course is to ensure that new training Officers are introduced professionally in the Security Industry, and also know what is expected from them with regard to upholding the Law as Security guards.

    PSIRA Grade D Security Guard Training in Cape Town

    Grade D security guards’ main function is to access control.

    PSIRA Grade C Security Guard Training in Cape Town

    PSIRA Grade C security guards main function is access control of a higher risk area and supervision of lower grade security officers.

    PSIRA Grade B Security Guard Training in Cape Town

    A Grade B security officers’ main function is access control in high-risk areas where documentation and basic computer skills might be required.

    PSIRA Grade A Security Guard Training in Cape Town

    PSIRA Grade A security guards main function would normally be a site manager or commander controlling and managing a number of functions, Managing the security workforce, Conducting risk assessments and evaluations on site daily, Basic investigative skills, Problem solving, Designing security solutions.

    National Key Point Training In Cape Town

    Security Guard training is dedicated to raising professional standards at our security school in South Africa which is accredited with PSIRA and SASSETA by providing a numerous range of skills development programs and training to the learners.

    This National Key Point training was started to help security guards with the skills and knowledge to protect NKP in terms of the National Key Points Act, 1980 (Act No. 102 of 1980) which is an act of the Parliament of South Africa that provides for the declaration and protection of sites such as electric dams, chemical plant, national airport, national parliament, museum which require a lot of guarding and supervision from damages and theft. The act was designed to arrange protection primarily for privately owned strategic sites and the above mentioned places. It enables the government to compel private owners, as well as state-own in South Africa.

    Cash In Transit Training In Cape Town

    What Is Cash In Transit in South Africa?

    Cash in transit simply means money that has left point A but has not yet reached point B.

    We train learners to physically transport client’s cash from one bank to another safely without any issues. So our trained professionals train the learners various skills like how to handle robbers who may attack them along the highway, how to use automatic locks on the cash in transit among others.

     Cash in transit is additionally any item you record on your earnings report that hasn’t yet shown abreast of your statement. For instance, you’ll have logged a customer payment but the check remains clearing at the bank, otherwise you may have written a check for office expenses, but the recipient hasn’t cashed it yet. Since the cash balance reported on the record is meant to represent all the cash that’s available to your business, it might be misleading to incorporate money that the bank has not yet processed. Taking advantage in transit may be a way of adjusting the cash balance to account for checks received or paid that haven’t yet cleared.

    Firearms Competency Training in Training In Cape Town

    Our security Training School, provides training courses to their learners from a complete personal protection curriculum to an in-depth training and competency solution for the security industry. With many of the courses, ranging from basic introductions to advanced tactical skills.

    Hands-on training with our experienced professionals begin in the classroom, proceed with training scenarios, and complete with live-fire exercises. Our training courses are designed to teach practical techniques which are down to earth, train hands-on skill, and equip learners with the physical and mental preparation to handle threatening situations.

    All our courses offer internationally recognized firearms competency training certificates.
    All firearms training and competency certification is conducted by PSIRA and SASSETA qualified firearms training instructor. Training is provided at private training and shooting facilities in our premises in South Africa.

    The training of fire arms is;
    Friendly & professional staff, First time shooter training, beginners course, taking a novice shooter and making the learner a professional shooter.


    Courses may need to meet the client’s individual needs but will include the following only after the client has proved that they have mastered the basics as described in the Beginners course.

    CCTV And Control Room Training In Cape Town


    CCTV cameras play a crucial part in society and are used for the aim of crime prevention or detection, public safety, traffic management, controlling disorder and stopping antisocial behavior. The learners need to become an accepted face of security, both nationally and internationally.

    These days many employers require trained security guards to be licensed as a compulsory requirement by PSIRA and SASSETA.This increasingly applies to loop Television Operators and Managers. The learner will be ready to apply for a CCTV Operator PSIRA and SASSETA License which allows you to legally add the private security industry. Licensing also can be used as proof of competency.

    Are you working within the private or public sector as a security guard, door supervisor, room operator or manager? Are you a town center CCTV Manager, Community Safety Officer or perhaps a member of a security team during a retail, commercial or industrial environment? If so, our courses are the certified ideal for guiding you thru the laws and regulations. The Operational Requirement, gathering and preserving evidence, defusing conflict and ensuring that the technology you employ is fit purpose are just a couple of samples of the themes covered by our expert tutors across an outsized number of courses designed to assist the learner develop your career within the safety industry.

    Firearms Response Training in Cape Town

    At our security training academy in Roodeport, we take pride in the fact that we’re the only close protection training provider that offers live firearm training here in the Republic of South Africa. A crucial skill for any expertly-trained close protection security guard, our industry-renowned firearms training will not only prepare the learner to exceed the expectations of all clientele in an array of different scenarios and environments, but it will also ensure you stand out to potential private security employers and individual clients.

    In the close protection services industry, clients demand the best from the trained security guards. While training in areas such as advanced driving, basic first aid, and unarmed combat is essential and universal for all the trained security guard, one area that is often neglected by South Africa’s based close protection courses is live firearm training. This skill oversight can impede your career in the security industry – particularly if you’re looking to operate abroad.

    Covering everything from the detailed weapons briefs to immersive drills involving shooting from various positions and effective targeting, our live firearm training goes above and beyond to ensure you are prepared for any armed scenario you may face as a trained security guard.

     General Security Practice Training In Cape Town

    Course Overview

    At our security school this qualification is the entry-level and the key competencies required of a security guard who are able to work in a variety of paces such as Limpopo, kwazulu natal, Eastern Cape among others.

    Course Content

    • This applies legal aspects in a security environment.

    This conduct a security patrol in an area of responsibility

    • This explains the requirements for becoming a trained security guard.

    • This handles problems and complaints.
    • Conduct evacuations and identify and handle conflicts and issues.
    • Demonstrate an understanding and perform basic fire-fighting
    • Provide emergency first aid in the workplace
    • This also applies occupational health, safety and environmental principles
    • This shows how to manage reactions arising from a traumatic event
    • Handle a trained service dog investigate a crime and operate a radio transceiver
    • this shows how to apply tactical knowledge in the use of firearms.

    • Understanding of security measures within our security environment

    Learning Outcome of this course

    • Safeguarding premises, information and personnel.
    • Interacting with people and customers
    • Operating security equipment.
    • Conducting security duties within the ambit of the law.

    Occupational Health and Safety Training In Cape Town

    Importances of recognized health and safety qualification

    Occupational health and safety plays an important role in preventing illnesses and injuries to the workforce. This course at our security training school prepares the learners for a career in the field of occupational health.  Occupational Health, Safety and Environment focuses on identifying health,  assessing the risk of those hazards safety and environmental hazards in the workplace, and implementing control measures to eliminate those risks.

    •It also covers risk management needs across all industry sectors and health, safety.

    •It also helps the learner and the organization improve safety standards

    •It is also recognized by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health and the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM)

    Therefore the learner at our security school should find out the best course for him or her.

    Since the organization is based in South Africa, the team needs to be professionally trained to improve or maintain high health and safety standards, look towards a PSIRA and SASSETA qualification.

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